Soft Cat Blankets

Cat goes crazy over soft blankets

My cat has a very odd obsession with soft blankets, and whenever you try to cuddle with one or touch one while he's laying/sitting on it, he will attack you.

My cats strange addiction to pawing soft blankets

Cat kneading - He loves his soft blankets

Why Do Cats Knead?

You might have heard the theory, but do you know what adult cats would hold on to kitten-like.

Cat loves blankets

Orion loves soft blankets misses his mom.


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cat kitten soft kitty nano
Nano on a pile of sherpa blankets.
Photo by Ti_Kawamoto on Flickr
pink cat canon soft kitty blanket cuddles cuddling
Photo by HolySkittles on Flickr
This blanket is so soft
Photo by Queen Of Light and Joy on Flickr


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