Cat Bowls On Stands

How to make a Dog Bowl Stand - DIY || or Cat ||

I did it with reclaimed wood and small pieces of 2x4 lumber for the legs. I really enjoy this project, I had so many fails but here we are.

Water Bottle Stand and Bowl for dogs and cats

com Pet Adjustable Water Stands Water Bottle Stands for Pets.

Making An Elevated Cat Dish Stand

Use a can, decorate it, secure the bowl. Help an elderly cat eat at the right angle by elevating the bow.

Build a Raised Dog Bowl Stand

Cat Stands in Water Bowl

My friend's cat only drinks water while standing in it.

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See What The Cats Tell Me
Some days when I get up to feed the outside cats, I just have to stand and laugh to myself. I have one cat that lives outside my house; very beautiful and friendly and I take care of him, but he has what I call...
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