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Go Pro Cat Collar Cam - What the cats really get up to when no one is home.

We strapped a GoPro to each of our cats and left them to it for an hour, We thought they slept all day when we leave.

Cat Collar Camera $10.99 Y2000 mini cam Dog Pet Y3000 Unboxing & Review

Y2000 mini cam Interesting footage of my cat exploring the neighborhood. Camera attached to a Cat Collar with twist ties.


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Epic Cat Fight Caught On Cat Collar Cam

Happy Earth Day.

Where Your Cat Goes May Blow Your Mind | National Geographic

While most cats stay in the vicinity of their homes, others travel.

christmas red love cat postcard joy collar canon40d
Cat w. collar
What do you do when your wife wants a picture of her cat w a red collar on? Buy one and spend 2 hours trying to get the feline to look at the camera :-) It was all fun.
Photo by t i b i on Flickr
camera dog video jr spy collar transmitter
JR with his doggy cam
All set to give us full colour imagery of what he gets up to. It did not make for riviting viewing!
Photo by Elsie esq. on Flickr
deleteme5 deleteme8 deleteme deleteme2 deleteme3 deleteme4 deleteme6 deleteme9 deleteme7 cat fur relax ginger kitten saveme saveme2 saveme3 deleteme10 calm whiskers collar lay ste2 strobist
Taken with a Canon 430EX off camera to the left firing at full strength through a Sto-Fen Omnibounce, triggered using a Canon ST-E2.
Photo by *sax on Flickr


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