Quiet Cat Collars

DIY Jingle Bell Collar For Dogs & Cats

*Use small, quiet bells and if your pet shows discomfort towards the sound remove the collar*.

Cat Collar Shopping!

Thanks for watching. Don't forget to. am I doing Vlogmas right. Welcome to day five of Vlogmas, where I take you on a trip to the pet store.

Cats new (shock) collar.

You are about to witness something stupid. I want to warn you all.

cat wearing Elizabethan vet collar after spay surgery

Pumpkin had her spay surgery on Wednesday, and she couldn't stop licking the incision, so we bought her an inflatable neck donut first, but she kept licking at .

How to Teach a Cat to Walk on a Leash

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usa snuggle kitten helen chevy mn tomcat loretto
Helen is about five months old now and our middle-aged tomcat, Chevy, still adores her. He often let's her snuggle up with him to sleep. Did you notice the collar with a bell on it around Helen's neck? We put that...
Photo by pmarkham on Flickr


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