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How to groom my Persian and or Long Hair Cat

Learn How to Cut your cats hair I am a Pet Groomer and I made this video to show you how I Groom my clients, there is diferent ways and techniques I I hope .

Grooming your Cat with "The Furminator" by Cat's Whiskers Vets (Worthing)

uk Eddie and Olly Cat's grooming experience at Cat's Whiskers Veterinary Clinic (Worthing) with "The Furminator" - a grooming and.

Best Way to Brush Your Short Hair Cat Out

Learn how to brush out a short haired cat the right way. Keeping your short haired cat fur clump free is easy with this video.

Cat Grooming Basics

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wild cat infected eye
Poor cat
This was shot outside my car porch. The poor cat's right eye was infected. You'll see it if you look close enough. Which is also why it keeps closing it's eyes. The cat's from the wild, so don't expect nicely groomed...
Photo by vivianejl on Flickr
snowflake wedding house home animal cat groom bride couple chat day veil kitty rental husband breeding heat bridesmaid nervous kona ragdoll husbandry valentino keeper valentine’s tuxwithtails
A Nervous Groom
Catching a glimpse of Snowy, his bride in heat. It was an arranged marriage, and he was a bit anxious, but looking good in his tux with cat tails. Snowy has been calling out for a husband every few weeks, with a...
Photo by jurvetson on Flickr
boss macro cat feline fuji profile handsome charles super whiskers thinking his sir philosophical 1cm lordship s100fs
well groomed you are sir
Photo by exoimperator on Flickr


Cat Grooming Tips | ASPCA

Bathing Your Cat. With her built-in grooming tools (tongue and teeth), your fastidious feline is well-equipped to tackle her own hair care needs.

Is your Cat over-grooming ? / Cat behaviour / Feliway

Find out why your cat is over-grooming. What can you do to stop over-grooming?

Cat Grooming: Brushing, Bathing, Nail Clipping, and More

Your feline will look (and feel!) like the cat’s meow after a good grooming session. By nature, cats are extremely fastidious. You’ve no doubt watched your kitty ...

Premier Cat Grooming Services in Dallas | Cat Connection

Best Dallas Cat Grooming. We have some of the finest cat groomers in town, and we only groom cats. Lion cuts, regular grooms & more. Compassionate Cat Pros.

Wag'n Tails: Mobile Grooming Van Conversions - Dog, Cat ...

Wag'n Tails - Mobile Grooming for dogs, cats and pets of all sizes! Wag'n Tails Mobile Pet Grooming Conversions, Inc. is the market leader in mobile dog grooming vans