Retractable Cat Leashes

iLeesh Retractable Dog Leash - The perfect gift for a pet lover!

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Atreus finally testing out her harness and retractable leash

How to Use a Retractable Flexi Leash to Walk Your Dog (Petco)

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Dual Doggie Retractable Leash (For 2 Dogs)

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Dog Puppy Pet Retractable Tie Out Leash

Watch this Basenji Puppy enjoying himself in safety. me/3sixtyfun/ It works for your puppy a pet and a full grown dog up to 55lbs.


  • Cat Lover's Daily Companion

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    Cat Lover’s Daily Companion is a unique, easy-to-use, and inspiring handbook filled with a year’s worth of insight, helpful tips, and practical advice into the feline-human relationship. Whether you’re a cat owner yourself or someone who just loves all things cat, this book will provide you with a lifetime’s worth of ways to enjoy and appreciate cats, whether you have a house full of cats, or just a shelf full of books. The format of the book—a year-long, day-minder-type book—is not meant to...

  • APPMA National Pet Owners Survey

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  • You CAN Train Your Cat

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    A professional cat trainer provides insight into cat behavior, explains the best way to ensure a new cat will not cause trouble down the road, and shows readers how to teach their cats tricks, in a book that instructs readers how to train their cats to: stop clawing the furniture, stop begging for food, and much more. Original.

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  • How to Raise Your New Puppy in a Cat Family

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Flexi Explore Cord Retractable Leash - Medium 44 lbs. - Blue 23 ft. $32.99 $19.99. Flexi Explore Cord Retractable Leash - Small 26 lbs. - Black 23 ft.

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