Catnip Toy

How to Make a Catnip Toy for Your Cat

Cats love catnip leaves. For that reason, a dried catnip toy is.

Funny Kitten Getting High On Catnip!

Catnip is a herb plant in the mint family which has the natural chemical nepetalactone inside it. Nepetalactone is a very mild hallucinogenic and gets into a cats.

Cat's first catnip toy | KONG Refillables

We gave our cats a catnip toy and one of them went a bit crazy over it. The other one didn't really understand all the fuss.


We bought some new toys for our British Shorthair Cats from ZOOPLUS.

Cat goes bonkers for catnip toy

Watch what happens the second his owner gives it to him. It's safe to say Kizzy the cat is really loving his new homemade catnip toy.

Cats love humans more than we know, and there's evidence to back it up - Techly

Cats will purr between your feet, and scratch their little heads against your ankles as you fed them breakfast but once mealtime is over, they will be off. Humans might’ve been wrong about cats’ intentions this whole time. Given the choice they actually do value your company, more than that of food, catnip or even their favourite toy. Well this is exactly what three researchers from Oregon State University have discovered, and they have data to prove it. The researchers conducted a study on 38 cats where they gave them each the choice between food, an interesting smell (catnip,... Source:

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bea with a catnip mouse
Toby is being shy
Photo by jeffreyw on Flickr
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Catnip Toy!
Made and then donated by Robin Moore to the little gallery kitty who kept showing up. A photo and audio tour coming up on the show website soon.
Photo by kellyhogaboom on Flickr
white cat catnip cattoy
mmm catnip
benny snuggling with his catnip bunny nugget i made.
Photo by lemonhalf on Flickr


Knitted Catnip Delight & Video | Martha Stewart

There isn't a kitten that wouldn't purr over a catnip-filled knitted pillow. The toys are also packed with wool stuffing and a jingle bell.

Catnip Fish Toy & Video | Martha Stewart

Although available in any pet store, catnip can be grown in a range of soils, dried, and used to make this project. Trace template onto two layers of fabric. Cut out ...

Cattail Catnip Toy | Sew4Home

Just ONE seam is all the sewing required to make a Cattail Catnip Toy. Fill with catnip and tie into segments. Your kitty will lick it and pummel it with rapid-fire ...

Catnip Fortune Cookies | catnip, handmade cat toy ...

Filled with farm fresh organic catnip, these fleece fortune cookies give your cat something to meow about.

Quality Cat Enclosures and Cat Tunnels - Catnip Australia

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