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Our now 12 yr. old senior Lab-Mix (Godiva) was diagnosed with hip dysplasia as a 9 month old pup.  She developed urinary incontinence (involuntary urination) at age 3 and osteoarthritis shortly after that.  The osteoarthritis condition started to get more severe to the point she could not squat to ground level to relieve herself. You could see the difficulty she was having merely walking around.  We started confronting the possibility of having to put her down.  A ray of hope came through when we brought her in to her lifelong vet.  He suggested treatment that included shots and other meds and to have her lay and sleep more in a supportive bed and less in hard floor. For the next several years we bought many, many dog beds since urine impregnated the foam and was almost impossible to clean thoroughly (particularly the egg crate type) and odor being a problem, out with the garbage they went.  Reality is most pet beds in the market are mass produced in China, India or elsewhere using low quality (usually shredded) foam.  These are more of a pillow than they are beds, they "pancake out" or flatten more often than not and pets end up laying in hard floor.  Some claim to be “waterproof” but they are just flimsily covered with nylon sheeting which lets liquids and urine get to and ruin the foam filling.

Trying to solve the problem we came up with the idea of building a totally waterproof and orthopedic mattress that urine wouldn’t get to and at the same time provide her with robust orthopedic support and comfort to the hip and joints. After a lot of research and experimenting with different kinds of products and materials we finally came up with the prototype that lived up to our requirements.  We did it, and after five years, Godiva is still using that bed today and we’ve saved a ton of money! Not to mention her vet was amazed on how much she had improved the osteoarthritis condition.  Her movement has been rehabilitated to the point that nowadays she can squat to ground level and even plays and runs around the yard with the other dog as if she is a puppy (she thinks she is!) 

We started getting orders from clients of our pet sitting business. Through time the original design was improved and refined. Today our specialty pet beds are proudly handcrafted in the USA with only the highest quality components; from the 4” (2” for crate pads) thick Orthopedic High Density Open Cell Foam encased in soft marine grade vinyl to the elegant and tough top quality fabrics  used on the bed covers (which are only sewn with Heavy Duty thread).  At the heart of the crafting process lies the encasing of the foam mattress which makes it 100% waterproof.  We have elaborated a blend of adhesives that bonds the marine grade vinyl seams into a heavy duty and flexible seal that gets tougher as it ages.  The removable covers absorb most of the liquid, are machine washable can be tumbled dried and have velcro closures instead of zippers which are hidden under the bed so it’s more difficult for pet to get to them.  When an accident happens just remove the cover, put it in the washing machine and wipe the vinyl encasing with soft detergent. That’s it! No need to try hand wash or hose down and wrestle a heavy soggy piece of foam and wait days for it to dry  just to, in the end, throw it out with the trash.

At DryPedic our mission is crafting the highest quality specialty beds and crate pads to help pets with health issues and/or recovering from surgery enjoy more comfortable lives while helping their owners save money, work and effort as they provide loving care to their special friends.  Through research, testing and development we have learned the so called  “memory foam” is too soft and readily yields to touch or pressure making it more difficult for pets to walk on the mattress and to get on or off of it.  That is why we only use top quality high density foam that is to the firmer side of the spectrum providing soothing joint and body support as well as stability to the legs.  Now, we don’t claim to build “The Miracle pet bed”.  We simply handcraft high quality specialty pet beds and crate pads that provide a more comfortable quality of life for pets plus convenience and savings to their owners.  This could be the last bed you buy.  Let us build one for you!



Small      18” x 21” x 4”

Medium   30” x 35” x 4”

Large      36 “ x 40” x 4”

XLarge    40” x 46” x 4”                                                                                  


***We ship to the contiguous 48 states.  Please contact us about shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

***60 Days warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.



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